"It's an incredible feeling to be back here, after such a long time away. It's such a struggle this season. I'm so proud of the guys, I see how hard everyone is pushing to win, we never gave up, which is something very rare to see in a large group of people. We didn't expect to win this weekend, we caught up a bit but wasn't sure on pace. Car felt fantastic and it's incredibly special to be back on podium and to win."

"We had a very good start which definitely helped, we knew we had to gain some places in the start. I was up after the first few corners and after Lewis overtook Mark I followed him and got him in the pitstop. After that I was trying to do my own race and catch up with Lewis. The gap stayed more or less constant after the last pits stop where I had some issues, but it was a good race. It's closer than we expected, not an easy weekend for the team, but we need to keep going, so at least this is something positive for this weekend."

"It's a surprise, we expected to be quicker. It's a difficult venue for us, and we lost our advantage. I'm still happy to get this result, we could have fought Kimi if we chose a different tyre, but overall there's still a lot of positives, we're still in the hunt and we have a lot to be proud of. Definitely a positive day for us."