A bid by the Virgin to become the main sponsor of Brawn never materialized, but the team's CEO Nick Fry has confirmed that the financial health of the team is not at risk. "There will be no problems with our finances until the end of the year," said the British to ITV. "Even if we do not take any more euros from sponsors we are able to do what we do," he added.

It was hoped that Brawn and Virgin had reached the extension of current agreement over two weeks ago in Barcelona, but Monaco has learned that Sir Richard Branson was reluctant to raise its current offer. Virgin has started to sponsor the Brawn GP in Australia, with an agreement of $ 250,000 per race.

However, Fry said he would not be concerned about the situation because there are other companies interested in the visibility of the team. "The beauty of the situation and that we do not need to accept the first offer that we happen in our hands. In fact, we did not, "he revealed.